White goods

Nordic fee 

Type of fee


Application fee*

EUR 2,000 + VAT

Renewal fee*

EUR 1,000 + VAT

Inspection visits in Europe and more than one visit within the Nordic region

EUR 500 + VAT per visit

Inspection visits outside Europe

EUR 1,500 + VAT per visit

Extension of existing licence**

EUR 0/250/500/1,000 + VAT

Annual licence fee for Nordic region

0.3% of turnover +VAT per year

Minimum fee for Nordic region

EUR 1,500 + VAT per year

Maximum fee for Nordic region

EUR 100,000 + VAT per year

*When both the applicant and the manufacturer are micro-enterprises, the fee is reduced by 50%. A micro-enterprise is in this context defined as an enterprise with less than 10 employees and an annual turnover (of both ecolabelled and not ecolabelled products) below EUR 2 million.

**As for an extension of or amendments to a licence, time consumed in connection with the review process will be invoiced according to the extent of the required task. We make a distinction between entirely administrative tasks that last less than 1 hour, and all other tasks that last between 1 and 4 hours, between 4 and 8 hours and more than 8 hours.

The recipient is liable for the VAT according to article 56 of the Council Directive 2006/112/EC.

Licence holders within this product group may add their turnover in this product group to that of the product group “Refrigerators" and "Washing machines” in order not to pay more than one maximum fee.

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