How to get a license

To be able to use the Nordic Ecolabel or the EU Ecolabel on your product, you must be able to document that it fulfils our strict environmental requirements. If you believe that it does, the first step is to send us your application.

This is how the application procedure works: 

Contact us
Before you send your formal application to Ecolabelling Denmark, you are welcome to contact the person who handles applications for the specific product group.

Send your application - Nordic Ecolabel
Download the application form, complete it and send it together with the documentation listed.

Please find application forms under Apply for a licensPlease note that the required documentation may be quite comprehensive, and that  your company is required to keep a copy of the documentation you send.

Send your application to

Send your application - EU Ecolabel
In order to apply for an EU Ecolabel license, you need to use the online tool Ecat admin.

Start by getting a login and a password. Both can be ordered at:

At the same time as you send your online application please note that the necessary documents for approval must be sent by mail or (preferably) email to Ecolabelling Denmark.

See more under Apply for a licens

We consider theapplication
Ecolabelling Denmark will evaluate your application as quickly as possible. The documentation will be examined and, if inadequate, we will request additional information. In some cases, it may be necessary to make adjustments to the product itself.

Inspection visit
Shortly before the license is awarded, Ecolabelling Denmark makes an inspection visit to the applicant and sub-contractors. The purpose is to assess whether the  conditions of production and production process are equivalent to what is described in the documentation. 

Awarding the license
By far most applicants are awarded a license. Averagely it takes a couple of months from application to licensing. If both the application and documentation are complete and correct from the beginning, it need not take more than a few weeks.It may however, take up to a year if the documentation has to be redone or the product has to be changed.

Renewal of license
Normally the criteria are revised every three or four years to make sure that ecolabelled requirements are always stricter than legislative requirements. At this point the license will have to be renewed. In the period from when the license is awarded and until it has to be renewed, Ecolabelling Denmark periodically checksecolabelled products on the market. Either by paying visits to license holders or e.g. buying ecolabelled products and testing whether they contain substances that are prohibited according to the criteria.  

In order to renew your Nordic Ecolabel license you submit an application for renewal by using the same forms as for the "first" application.
You just tick the field "Renewal of license" on the form and complete it.

To renew or make any changes in your EU Ecolabel license you submit an application for renewal via the Ecat admin online tool.

For further information please contact Charlotte Bennick at Ecolabelling Denmark.