Marketing of ecolabels

In order not to mislead customers, guidelines have been drawn up for businesses using the EU and Nordic ecolabels in their marketing efforts.

Svanemærket og EU-Blomsten wallpaper

The ecolabels must be displayed correctly – i.e. with the right colours and the right text. Both labels may be used in their respective colours and in a black and white edition. There must be at least one reproduction of the label, including the license number, on the product. Marketing materials need not include the registration number, but it should naturally always appear which products are ecolabelled.

Special marketing rules for ecolabelled products

When appying for a license you state one or more specific trade names of the products you wish to ecolabel. When the license has been granted, these specific trade names appear from the license document/contract. Only trade names/products stated in the license document/contract may be marketed bearing the EU or Nordic ecolabels. The ecolabels shall not be used in such a way as to generally promote the business or its non-ecolabelled products.

Marketing the ”same” product with and without the ecolabel

The ecolabelling license comprises one or more specific trade names. These trade names may be used only for the ecolabelled products. If the same product is also marketed without the ecolabel, it should have another trade name. In that way consumers and purchasers will not confuse ecolabelled products and non-ecolabelled products.

Annual fee

It is also important that you as a license holder can easily distinguish between ecolabelled and non-ecolabelled products when the turnover is to be calculated, since the annual fee is based on the turnover of the ecolabelled product. The annual fee is related to one trade name only. As a result, the fee is payable even if the ecolabel has not been used actively to market the product.

At your service

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about the use of the ecolabels or if you want to discuss marketing activities with us. Ecolabelling Denmark is marketing the EU and the Nordic ecolabels in campaigns, press activities and information material throughout the year, thereby strengthening the general knowledge of - and the dissemination of/demand for – ecolabelled products.