What does an ecolabel cost

When you apply for an ecolabel you pay an application fee. If/when your application is approved you will as a license holder be charged an annual license fee. The following is an overview of the fees.

There are several types of fees: application fee, expansion fee, renewal fee, and license fee.

Application and Expansion Fees
When applying for a Nordic or a EU Ecolabel licence you will be charged an application fee. The fee covers the administration of the application as well as an on-site audit which must be carried out before the licence can be approved.

Should you wish to add more products to the licence once it has been approved or in any way change the composition of the products included in the licence, an extension fee will be charged.

Renewal Fee
New revised criteria versions are gradually introduced, normally every four years. All licence holders must then renew their licence to prove that their Ecolabelled products fulfil also the new, more stringent, criteria in order to keep the Ecolabelling licence. Should the licence holder neglect to renew the licence prior to the expiration of the licence, the licence will become invalid.

The renewal process begins when the licence holder submitts a renewal application and thereafter provides documentation that proves that the product fulfils the new criteria. A renewal fee will be charged.

Please note that the renewal process must begin prior to the expiration of the old criteria document. Should the application be submitted after this date, a full application fee will instead be charged.

Annual License Fee
Once the Nordic or the EU Ecolabel licence is approved, an annual licence fee based on the Ecolabelled product's turnover, is charged. The fee gives you the right to use the Ecolabel logo on your products and in your marketing. Please note that for existing licences, the minimum fee will be charged even in the case of no sales.

It is important that you as a license holder can easily distinguish between ecolabelled and non-ecolabelled products when the turnover is to be calculated, since the annual fee is based on the turnover of the ecolabelled product. Although the ecolabel has not been applied in the marketing of the product, the fee remains payable.

Ecolabelling Denmark is entitled to withdraw the right to use the ecolabels if fees are not paid within the time stated. The same applies if the required information on turnover regarding Nordic or EU ecolabelled products is not provided on time.

Fees are subject to VAT. The invoice is payable within 30 days.

Using the Nordic Ecolabel in other Nordic countries
In order to facilitate sales of Ecolabelled products on the entire Nordic market, a common Nordic fee structure is currently being developed. Should your product already be a part of the Nordic fee system, your Nordic Ecolabel licence is automatically valid in all Nordic countries. Remember to state the estimated turnover for each Nordic country where your ecolabelled product is sold, since the annual licence fee is based on the product's turnover on the entire Nordic market. You will receive an invoice, based on the product's turnover in each country, from all Nordic countries where the ecolabelled product is sold.

Products which aren't yet included in the Nordic fee system need to be registered in order to be sold as Nordic Ecolabelled products in other countries than Denmark. The registration itself is free of charge. However, you will need to pay the licence fee in all Nordic countries where your product is being sold.

Using the Nordic Ecolabel outside the Nordics
Even though the Nordic Ecolabel is not necessarily well known in all countries outside the Nordics it may well have value in your marketing. Often "Nordic" is associated with clean environment and good quality. Fee for sale outside the Nordic region is EUR 2,000 + VAT per year.