Nordic Swan Ecolabel

You can read about the fees payable for the Nordic Ecolabel here. Click to see the fees for the individual product groups. Please note that we use the exchange rate determined by Denmarks Nationalbank on the first working day of the year and that all amounts are exclusive of VAT.

Application fee

The application fee payable if you wish to apply for a Nordic Ecolabel license is typically € 3,000. The application fee is a one-off charge covering administrative expenses for processing the application and checking documentation. In connection with the application, Ecolabelling Denmark pays a visit to the applicant’s production site. The application fee covers one inspection visit in any of the Nordic countries. If production takes place outside the Nordic countries, a fixed fee is payable for the inspection visit.

An application may include more than one product. If you subsequently wish to extend the scope of the license to more products and/or amend the composition or production of the licensed products you need to pay an expansion/amendment fee. The amount depends on the scope of the amendment/extension.

Your license is valid only as long as the criteria for the product group remain in force. Most criteria are tightened every four years. If criteria are revised you are required to renew your license and to document that your product complies with the new requirements. If you apply for renewal and submit adequate documentation within the time limit (one year) the renewal fee will be approximately half the application fee. But if you do not apply for renewal until after the expiry of your license, you must pay the full application fee.

License fee

The annual license fee entitles you to use the Nordic Ecolabel on your product and in your marketing material. The fee is based on your annual turnover of Nordic ecolabelled products. The fee varies from one product group to another but there is always a minimum fee payable and for most product groups there is also a maximum fee.

You pay the license fee regardless whether you have only held your license part of the year. For most products, the license fee is 0.3% of the turnover of Nordic ecolabelled products, if this amount exceeds the minimum fee.

Other models are used to calculate the annual license fee payable for services – see under your product group.

The license fees for some of the product groups and services are adjusted when new criteria are introduced.

What does it cost to use the Nordic Ecolabel in more than one country?

If you have been granted a license to use the Nordic Ecolabel in Denmark it applies in the other Nordic countries as well. You just need to register the license in the countries where you wish to use it. The registration is free of charge but you must pay a license fee in the country or countries in which you register the license.

To make procedures easier, Nordic Ecolabelling is developing a pan-Nordic fee system which will automate registration of licenses in all the Nordic coutnries. Also, fees will be harmonised and are already now identical for many product groups except Iceland.

So in future the license fee will be calculated based on the total turnover of Nordic ecolabelled products in the entire Nordic market. Nordic fees will replace national fees as revised criteria are being introduced for individual product groups.

If you click on your product group below, it will appear whether the fees are Nordic or national. For product groups with Nordic fees registration is not required and the fees, including minimum and maximum fees, are calculated for all the Nordic countries in the aggregate. An invoice will, however, still be issued in each country.

Consequently, Nordic Ecolabelling still needs information about the turnover of Nordic ecolabelled products for each country. Each country submits a report via a pan-Nordic system – both for product groups with Nordic fees and for product groups where registration is still required.

Click on your product group to get a detailed overview of the fees.

Specific information on fees