EU-Ecolabel - criteria development process

Work on developing the criteria for the EU-Ecolabel is led by a part of the Commission called the Joint Research Centre (JRC), which also works on other Environment policy tools, such as criteria for green purchasing within the public sector and EcoDesign requirements. Learn more about the process below.

Proces for development of criterias for the EU Ecolabel

At the start of a new project, a so-called ad-hoc working group (ahwg) is established, to which all interested parties are invited. It is also possible to submit written comments as a way of participating in meetings. In addition, JRC sends questionnaires to all interested parties, in order to gather all relevant information.

Normally, 2 meetings are held on a proposal for criteria. When a proposal is being finalized, it is discussed in the EUEB before the final adoption process.

The criteria are adopted with an expiry date; normally 4 years after adoption. Revised criteria for a product group are made available for those enterprises which already hold an environmental label, at least one year prior to expiry of the existing criteria. It is possible to extend the criteria, if  this is necessary due to time constraints.