Orientation about the preservative BIT

An accident at the worlds leading producer of the basic component for the preservative BIT has triggered a force majeure situation for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Until the problem has been solved, we will temporarily give access to use alterantive preservatives in ecolabelled paint, varnished and chemical building products.

There´s been a very serious accident in the Chinese factory which produces up to 70 percent of the basic component of the preservative BIT. The accident required many lives and caused major material and environmental damage. No other manufacturer is ready to take over as the world's primary BIT supplier. It will therefore take time before the market access on BIT is back to normal. As of today, it seems that this situation can last until the beginning of 2020.
This has triggered a force majeure situation for the Swan label. It is important to ensure continued access to ecolabelled paint and building products with high quality and low risk of mold or other micro-organisms. Therefore, we must give temporary access to use alternative preservatives in paint products and other chemical building products until there is sufficient access to BIT in the market.

Temporary solution with exception:

In the light of the force majeure situation, we give the opportunity to apply for a temporary exemption to use alternative conservation methods until BIT is again available on the market (expected to be in early 2020). Provided that the finished products do not get others (according to the criteria) different classifications than:
- H317 May cause an allergic skin reaction

The license holders who need to apply for exemptions must submit the documents for the preservatives that the applicant wishes to use instead, and what / which deviating classifications the finished products will have.

  • Documentation for each preservative according to the criteria
  • Compilation of deviating classifications for products / product series.
  • "Mockups" on new labels if they need to be changed.
  • How long you think you need a temporary exception.

For the products that we temporarily accepted the use of an alternative preservation, we need to get recipes for archiving.

When BIT is again available on the market and / or they have switched to a preservation that does not need the exception, you apply for a change and we handle and control the recipes as usual.