Logo materials - EU Ecolabel

On this page you can find various versions of the EU Ecolabel to be used on ecolabelled products, services, printed matters, campsites or tourist accomodation. Please contact us if you have questions about the use of the mark.

Before using the EU Ecolabel, we recommend that you read the general guidelines for EU Ecolabel below.

You can find more information on how to use the EU Ecolabel in marketing at the European website.

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EU blomsten logo guidelines 

EU Ecolabel guidelines

Before using the EU Ecolabel, we recommend that you read the graphical guidelines for using the EU Ecolabel:


EU-Blomsten er en af Danmarks to officielle miljømærker - find logo her i PNG-format

EU Ecolabel logo

EU Ecolabel is available in 4 versions – colour, black, white, and negative (for coloured backgrounds). The logo has a separate box for the licence number which must be placed together with – or close to the main logo.

Please remember to incorporate your own valid licence number.


EU Ecolabel logo with criteria text

Logo version with space for 3 bullet messages in accordance with the criteria document. Can be used as a supplement to the standard EU Ecolabel logo.

Please note that you must insert the specific messages from the criteria document for your product category.