When you have a certification for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel or the EU-Ecolabel, you need to comply with the regulations determined by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the EU Parliament. Learn more about the rules before you apply.

Regulation for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Council of Ministers has determined the overall guidelines for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and also the rules of procedure for the Nordic Ecolabelling Board. 

The European rules for the EU-Ecolabel are described in a regulation that has been passed by the EU's member states and the European Parliament.

Additionally, the Danish environmental authorities have prepared a statutory order on ecolabelling in Denmark. The statutory order describes the framework for the work surrounding ecolabels in Denmark, the responsibilities and tasks of Ecolabelling Denmark and the Ecolabelling Board in addition to the rules for using the labels and what happens if companies should be in breach of these rules.

Rules for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Rules for the EU-Ecolabel

Danish rules for ecolabels