Grocery Stores

The product group covers both single stores, retail chains and online stores.

  • National fee

    Fees as of 1 January 2017

    Type of fee Amount
    Application/renewal fee

    EUR 3,000 + VAT, however not less than EUR 250 + VAT per store.                      

    If the stores are located outside the Nordic region, an extra fee is added for inspection visits.

    Change of existing license*

    For changes of existing licenses the fees are:

    < 4 hours: EUR 375 + VAT
    < 8 hours: EUR 750 + VAT
    8 hours or more: EUR 1,500 + VAT

    If the license is to be extended with new stores, the fee is not less than EUR 250 + VAT per new store, regardless of the of the time consumption.
    License fee

    The license fee is dependent on the amount of stores covered by the license. For the first 10 stores, the fee is higher than for the additional stores.

    [1;10] = EUR 2,000€ + VAT per store in the interval

    [11;50] = EUR 1,000 + VAT per store in the interval

    [51;200] = EUR 500 + VAT per store in the interval

    [201;∞[ = EUR 250  + VAT per store in the interval

    I.e., a license with 15 stores will pay an annual fee of: 10 x EUR 2,000 + 5 x EUR 1,000 = EUR 25,000.

    NB: Every store chain (identical brand) is required to have at least one license per country.

    Published 29 September 2016.