Cosmetic products

The product group includes all the types of products that fall under the EU Cosmetics Regulation, eg. products for skin and hair care, sun protection products and decorative cosmetics. In addition, it is also possible to Nordic Ecolabel care products for animals, sex products whose composition is similar to cosmetic products (eg. lube and anal cream) and wet wipes. Products covered by the Biocides Regulation cannot be Nordic Ecolabelled.The substances that are part of a Nordic Ecolabelled cosmetic product must live up to strict environmental and chemical requirements. This means that the use of a number of drugs is prohibited. In addition, there are requirements for the design of the packaging in order to both limit material consumption and waste of the products.

The requirements include:

  • * Environmental properties (degradability, bioaccumulability and toxicity to aquatic organisms) of the chemical substances used.
  • * No use of substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic, harmful to reproduction or allergenic.
  • * No use of substances on the EU list of substances suspected of being endocrine disruptors.
  • * No use of microplastics.
  • * No perfume in baby and baby products.
  • * Packaging volume and degree of emptying for different types of packaging.

Below you will find all the necessary documents and background information to apply for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

  • Nordic fee

    Fees valid from 1st January 2019

    The cosmetic criteria document is an overall document for the commodity groups:

    - Shampoo, conditioner, soap and toothpaste
    - Sun protection
    - Wet wipes
    - Other cosmetics
    - Non cosmetics care products*

    A special fee is charged for each product group according to the following list:

    Type of fee Amount
    Application fee** EUR 3,000 + VAT, however not less than EUR 750 + VAT per formulation/recipe
    Renewal fee** EUR 1,500 + VAT, however not less than EUR 375 + VAT per formulation/recipe
    More than one inspection visit within the Nordic region*** EUR 500 + VAT per visit
    Inspection visits in Europe*** EUR 1,500 + VAT per visit
    Inspection visits outside Europe*** EUR 2,500 + VAT per visit
    Extension of existing licence**** Extension of existing or changes in licence

    < 4 hours: EUR 375 + VAT
    < 8 hours: EUR 750 + VAT
    ≥ 8 hours: EUR 1,500 + VAT

    If the extension includes new formulations/recipes, prices are the same as those applicable to amendments to an existing licence, however not less than EUR 750 + VAT per formulations/recipe.

    Annual licence fee for Nordic region 0,3% of Nordic Swan Ecolabel turnover + VAT per year for EUR 0-50 mio. 

    0,05% of Nordic Swan Ecolabel turnover + VAT per year for EUR >50 mio. 
    Minimum fee for Nordic region EUR 2,000 + VAT per year
    Maximum fee for Nordic region No maximum fee

    Fees for sale outside the Nordic region          
    (Only if revenue > EUR 300,000 per year)

    EUR 2,000 + VAT per year

    *Certain non cosmetic care products, which is  not covered by the cosmetics regulation, may be licensed with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in order to the criteria of the product group definition. These non cosmetic care products are collected in a separate commodity with a separate fee.

    ** When both the applicant and the manufacturer are micro-enterprises, the fee is reduced by 50%. A micro-enterprise is in this context defined as an enterprise with less than 10 employees and an annual turnover (of both ecolabelled and not ecolabelled products) below EUR 2 million.

    *** Where audits requires more than one day away from the office including travelling, Nordic Ecolabelling can invoice an additional fee of 1,000€ per extra day. Other extraordinary costs induced by the audit can also be invoiced the applicant.

    **** As for an extension of or amendments to a licence, time consumed in connection with the review process will be invoiced according to the extent of the required task. We make a distinction between entirely administrative tasks that last less than 1 hour, and all other tasks that last between 1 and 4 hours, between 4 and 8 hours and more than 8 hours.

    Published 30st August 2018, valid from 1st January 2019

    The recipient is liable for the VAT according to article 56 of the Council Directive 2006/112/EC.
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