The Nordic Swan Ecolabel – an effective tool to reduce climate impact

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an effective tool for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. When setting requirements, the Nordic Swan assesses the entire product life cycle – from raw materials to production, use, disposal and recycling. The holistic approach is crucial to reducing the overall impact on the environment and climate.

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Products certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel contribute to a reduced climate impact in several ways. The focus of the requirements is on:

  • Energy: Reduced energy consumption, energy efficiency, transition from fossil to sustainable, renewable energy - and subsequently, reduced emissions of greenhouse gases
  • Materials: Transition to sustainable materials with less climate impact
  • Quality: Increased product lifespan through quality and design requirements
  • Waste: Reuse, recycling and waste minimization

Circular economy and climate are related – thus the efforts to promote circular economy also help to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. Almost half of these emissions originate from the manufacturing of products we use every day.

Ensuring reduced climate impact without compromising other aspects

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel uses a holistic approach to ensure that reducing one negative environmental impact does not sacrifice aspects in other stages of the life cycle.

This means that the Nordic Swan sets requirements that have a substantial effect on the climate impact connected with the particular product – without compromising biodiversity, health or responsible use of the Earth’s limited resources.

In this way, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel works to accelerate a transition towards more sustainable technologies and pro¬duction processes by helping businesses reduce emissions of greenhouse gases throughout the value chain – without creating other environmental problems.

The requirements applying to products and services certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel are evaluated regularly and tightened according to the latest research and market development. This ensures continuous sustainable development through ambitious, yet realistic requirements. Reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are also achieved when Nordic Swan Ecolabel products and services replace conventional alternatives that have a greater environmental impact.

A tool to reduce climate impact – for businesses, consumers and purchasers

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a simple and effective tool for businesses to communicate commitment and actions that re¬duce their impact on the environment and the climate. It is a well-known and reliable trademark in the Nordic region, where 9 out of 10 Nordic citizens know the label. Consumers and public purchasers can use the label to identify products that are among the best for the environment and the climate.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel actively contributes to reaching several of several of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals especially goal no. 12: Responsible consumption and production as well as goals 7, 9 and 13 that include measures to mitigate climate change. In this way, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel makes it easy and possible for companies to reduce climate impact.