Green public procurement

Green public procurement is a major driver for big environmental and economic changes and stimulates future green innovation and new business models.

People in Nordic city

Public authorities are major players when it comes to procurement of ecolabelled products and services. The purchasing power from public spending alone is estimated to be around 14% of the gross domestic products in Europe – with more than 250,000 European authorities spending approximately 1,8 trillion euro annually. Public buyers total amount of spending in the Nordics alone is approximately 171 billion euros.

Requirements for less CO2 emissions, fewer hazardous substances in products, and better use of resources are important factors when public authorities tighten their procurement policies and procedures in order contribute to a resource efficient economy. As a result, the public demand for sustainable products and services is growing significantly these years.

 For suppliers of sustainable products and services Green Public Procurement is a huge opportunity although many suppliers have experienced to be met with different environmental requirements and extensive demand for documentation by different authorities.  With the 2014 EU Procurement Directive, European authorities can ask specifically for ecolabelled products and services in their tenders, or ask for equivalent documentation. The requirements for ecolabels are clear, unambiguous and objectively verifiable. It ensures transparency and fair competition in the procurement processes, for the benefit of suppliers.