Ecolabelling Denmark

Ecolabelling Denmark is situated in Nordhavn, the new waterfront city district in Copenhagen. We are part of the Danish Standards Foundation and we are responsible for the official ecolabels in Denmark: The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU-Ecolabel.

The ecolabels minimize impacts on the environment and our health from products and services and our vision is a sustainable society. Criteria are based on a life-cycle assessment of impacts  - from raw material, production  and consumption to recycling and waste. 

Ecolabelling is voluntary. Suppliers of products and services can apply.

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After receiving an application, Ecolabelling Denmark gathers all neccessary information sent to us regarding chemicals, raw materials etc.
The information is treated confidentially and used only to check whether the product meets requirements and can be approved. Any information shared with us will be kept securely locked up in our offices.

Ecolabelling Denmark is subject to Danish legislation. Documentation sent to us will not be shared with authorities or with other companies. No third party will be informed that Ecolabelling Denmark has received information from any company.

Most applicants are manufacturers who own and market their own brand. But in cases where manufacturers deliver private label products to other companies, any confidentiality issues should be agreed on.

If you have any questions regarding the Nordic Ecolabel or the EU-Ecolabel - e.g. terms of applying, marketing or just information in general - please do not hesitate to contact us! Phone:+45 72 30 04 50 E-mail: